Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Groceries, Division of Laura Lee, the Dismemberment Plan, the (International) Noise Conspiracy (10.28.02)

the Band: Groceries, Division of Laura Lee, the Dismemberment Plan, the (International) Noise Conspiracy
the Date: Monday October 28, 2002
the Venue: the Engine Room (Houston)

(Photo credit to Jaakko Suomalainen and his Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/people/87903450@N00/)

I decided to go to this show only because I knew of the local band, Groceries. Little did I know that I was about to witness one of the best collection of live acts I’ll ever experience.

Groceries opened the night. They are absolutely the best indie band in Houston. The band is made up of Matt Brownlie (vocals/guitar), Erik Bogle (guitar), Blake Powell (bass), and Thomas Clemmons (drums). They did not disappoint this night. Great opening.

Division of Laura Lee came on next. They are a post-punk band out of Sweden. The members are Hakan Johansson (drums), Per Talberg (guitar/vocals), Jonas Gustafsson (bass/vocals), and David Fransson (guitar vocals). They were wild! Awesome!

(Photo credit to someone on the internet)

The Dismemberment Plan was third. They are an indie band out of Washington, D.C. D-Plan or The Plan is made up of Eric Axelson (bass), Jason Caddell (guitar), Joe Easley (drums), and Travis Morrison (vocals/guitar). I had never heard of these guys before, but they completely rocked the Engine Room. Their stage presence is just awesome. I really liked how they switched up who was playing what during different songs. Who knew that I’d have to go to Houston to find one of the best D.C. bands?

(Photo credit to Shoko Ishikawa and her Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/people/shokoishikawa/)

Finally, the (International) Noise Conspiracy finished off the night. The (International) Noise Conspiracy are the anti-capitalist freedom fighters of the Swedish garage rock revolution. The members are Dennis Lyxzen (vocals), Inge Johansson (bass), Lars Stromberg (guitar), and Ludvig Dahlberg (drums). They were un-freakin-believable! Easily one of the best live acts I’ve seen. My favorite tunes were Smash it Up, Up for Sale, Born into a Mess, and, of course, Capitalism Stole My Virginity. I even loved the propaganda, their best story was about how some right-wing magazine in Sweden ranked the best and worst songs about freedom … the best was some song by the Scorpions … the worst song? … Capitalism Stole My Virginity by the (I)NC! Damn, I wish I were a Communist! Power to the People! Long live the (International) Noise Conspiracy!

Full setlist for the Dismemberment Plan: Gyroscope / Ellen and Ben / Angry Angel / Time Bomb / The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich / You Are Invited / The Other Side / The City / A Life of Possibilities / OK Jokes Over

Full setlist for the (International) Noise Conspiracy (not from this show, but from a show around this time … best I could do): A Northwest Passage / Bigger Cages, Longer Chains / Up for Sale / Smash it Up / Born into a Mess / Capitalism Stole My Virginity / Will it Ever be Quiet / A New Morning Changing Weather

What have we done? Money’s on the lookout for number 1 . . .