Thursday, July 3, 2008

the Warlocks, the Black Angels (07.02.08)

the Band: the Warlocks, the Black Angels
the Date: Wed July 2, 2008
the Venue: Rock and Roll Hotel (DC)

(Photo credit to tweenina and her Flickr page:

The Warlocks opened. We caught only part of their set. It was nice. They’re friends of my future brother-in-law’s band, the Vandelles … I think.

Anyways, the Black Angels were awesome! They’re also friends with the Vandelles … who isn’t, right? I first caught wind of this band when I started dating my fiancĂ© a few years ago. She told me about her brother being in a band and how they’re on this Psychedelica compilation CD. One of the other bands on the CD was the Black Angels. I must have listened to Black Grease a million times. We’ve seen them a few times before, including under the blazing sun at Lollapalooza 2006 and down in Austin at a small club during the Austin City Limits Festival 2006 (Austin is where they’re from by the way). Needless to say, we love ‘em!

This show did not disappoint. It was loud, pulsating, and full of energy. This little quintet from Tex-Ass is nothing short of pure psychedelic rock and roll. Many of the songs were from their recent release, Directions to See a Ghost. My favorites were Black Grease (of course), Manipulation, Doves, and The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven. I’m sure the rest of the crowd left the club as I did, with ringing ears and a grin on my face. Thank you, Black Angels … thank you.

Full setlist (as best I can figure): Manipulation / You On the Run / The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven / Mission District / Black Grease / Doves / Science Killer / Young Men Dead / Surf City (revisited) / Never/Ever / ENCORE / The Return / You in Color

TURN ON, TUNE IN, DRONE OUT (from the Black Angels’ website) ...