Friday, May 17, 2002

Garbage (05.16.02)

the Band: Garbage
the Date: Thu May 16, 2002
the Venue: Verizon Wireless Theater (Houston)

Randomness, drew me to this show. Absolutely deciding at the last minute to go, I’m certainly glad I did.

I can’t say I know too much about Garbage. I had heard their songs played on the radio and I enjoyed Shirley Manson’s voice well enough. This show made me a fan … er, rather, this show made me realize how I was already a fan, a huge fan … of Garbage.

The show was truly a lot of fun. My favorites were Push It, Special, I Think I’m Paranoid, Stupid Girl, #1 Crush, Only Happy When It Rains, and I Just Want to Have Something To Do (Ramones cover). Who would have guessed … Garbage could be so beautiful?

Full setlist (not from this show, but from a show around this time … sorry, best I can do): Push It / Temptation Waits / I Think I’m Paranoid / Special / Cup of Coffee / Til the Day I Die / Not My Idea / When I Grow Up / Hammering My Head / So Like a Rose / Shut Your Mouth / Parade / Stupid Girl / You Look So Fine / Thirteen (Big Star cover) / Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) / Vow / ENCORE / I Just Wanna Have Something To Do (Ramones cover) / Milk / Only Happy When It Rains

I feel good when things are going wrong. I only listen to the sad, sad songs . . .

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