Thursday, May 29, 2008

the Black Lips, the Raconteurs (05.28.08)

the Band: the Black Lips, the Raconteurs
the Date: Wed May 28, 2008
the Venue: 9:30 Club (DC)

(Photo credit to Danny North and his Flickr page:

Just a quick word on the opening band, the Black Lips … to quote someone from the 9:30 Club chat room, "I'm not convinced anyone in the band actually knows how to play guitar … just a lot of noise and some occasional off-key singing." I actually like occasional off-key singing like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, but I didn't really care for the Black Lips.

(Photo credit to hobogirl923 and her Flickr page:

After the stage was reset by some rather well dressed roadies (I'm talking ties and fedoras), the main event came on stage around ten-ish and Holy Crap they were amazing! The Raconteurs, made up of Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, and Patrick Keeler, along with additional help from sideman, Mark Watrous, are easily one of the most explosive rock bands around and they definitely earned that designation on the second of their two-night stay at the 9:30 Club. I mean, these guys Freakin' Rawked! Many of the songs were from this year's release, Consolers of the Lonely, including Hold Up, The Switch and the Spur, These Stones Will Shout and Rich Kid Blues (awesome to hear live). There were still a number of tunes from their first album, Broken Boy Soldiers. Among them, was a drawn-out version of Steady As She Goes, a haunting performance of Blue Veins, and a kick-you-in-the-ass rendition of Intimate Secretary. The energy really never let up the entire night. From Consolers of the Lonely (the first track of the new album) to Carolina Drama (the last track on the new album), the Raconteurs held nothing back as they played for nearly two full hours! It was evident that the audience couldn't get enough either cuz rarely have we seen a D.C. crowd so charged and lively on a school night. Suffice it to say that from wherever they may have originated - Nashville, Detroit or Cincinnati, the Raconteurs are loved in D.C.

Well now you heard another side to the story, but you wanna know how it ends, if you must know the truth about the tale go and ask the milkman...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the Buffalo Killers, the Black Keys (05.13.08)

the Band: the Buffalo Killers, the Black Keys
the Date: Tue May 13, 2008
the Venue: 9:30 Club (DC)

(Photo credit to Kyle Dean Reinford and his Flickr page:

The opener was the Buffalo Killers. Brothers Andrew and Zachary Gabbard along with drummer, Joseph Sebaali make up the facial-hair-blessed trio. Great classic rock sound! They provided an excellent complement to the Black Keys. Homegrown was my favorite tune (now, what could that song be about? as Dan Auerbach said later in the night, "those guys smoke a lot of weed"). I even pretended to know the words as I sang along out loud … or maybe that was just the Johnny Walker. Regardless, it was a solid, solid start.

(Photo credit to Clint Au and his Flickr page:

The band we all came to see was the Black Keys. This is truly one of my favorite blues-based, lo-fi duos (you know that genre, see the White Stripes). Seriously though, these guys, seriously rock. What a great show! Singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Pat Carney held nothing back as they blazed an hour and a half long trail through their now five albums, including this year's Attack and Release. There was even one song that featured Danny boy behind a keyboard-sort-of-thing that, through some miracle of modern science, sounded like a guitar! My personal favorites of the night were 10 AM Automatic, Your Touch and the evening ender Till I Get My Way. Who knew that it was so cool to be from Akron, Ohio?

And, thanks to NPR, you can listen to a taping of the entire show:

Full setlist:  Girl Is on My Mind / Set You Free / Thickfreakness / 10 AM Automatic / Same Old Thing / Stack Shot Billy / Busted/You're the One / Strange Times / Oceans and Streams / Your Touch / The Breaks / Remember When / I'm Glad / No Trust / I Got Mine / ENCORE / Psychotic Girl / Till I Get My Way

Don't you know that I will be callin' on you everyday TILL I GET MY WAY ...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Radiohead (05.11.08)

the Band: Radiohead
the Date: Sun May 11, 2008
the Venue: Nissan Pavilion (Bristow, VA)

(Photo credit to Chris Dearnley and his Flickr page:

As the ticket said the show was rain or shine … and boy did it ever rain. Despite the monsoon weather, the horrible traffic and the hypothermia, the show was AMAZING. What a performance! Radiohead is definitely a band to see even if you need to suffer the elements. The lads focused most of their setlist on the most recent release, In Rainbows, but thankfully they played a few of my personal favorites such as Paranoid Android, Everything In Its Right Place, Pyramid Song, Idioteque, The National Anthem, Fake Plastic Trees and of course Karma Police (okay, so I have a lot of favorite Radiohead songs). One of my favorite moments of the evening (aside from the fleeting moments when I felt dry … or numb) was when my fiancĂ©e described Thom Yorke as a funny, crazy, little man dancing on the stage. We love you Thom. You're welcome back any time … just please, please use a different venue.

Full setlist (with big help from the Rockist Society): All I Need / Jigsaw Falling Into Place / Lucky / 15 Step / Nude / Pyramid Song / Weird Fishes/Arpeggi / Myxomatosis / Idioteque / Faust Arp / Videotape / Paranoid Android / Just / Reckoner / Everything In Its Right Place / Bangers + Mash / Body Snatchers / ENCORE / Like Spinning Plates / Optimistic / Karma Police / Go Slowly / Planet Telex / SECOND ENCORE / Fake Plastic Trees / The National Anthem / House of Cards

This is what you get when you mess with us ...

Friday, May 9, 2008

the Dexateens, Drive-By Truckers (05.09.08)

the Band: the Dexateens, Drive-By Truckers
the Date: Fri May 9, 2008
the Venue: 9:30 Club (DC)

(Photo credit to Holley St. Germain and her Flickr page:

The Dexateens opened the night with a big ol' heap of southern-fried ROCK. Hailing from Tuscaloosa, these guys were proof that classic southern rock fused with a little punk can be pretty damn cool. In fact, these 'Bama boys completely rocked the house for a full hour plus. The crowd loved 'em and the applause was nothing short of uproarious. We were so worked up that we fully expected an encore from this opener. But alas, those shenanigans are saved for headliners.

(Photo credit to Holley St. Germain and her Flickr page:

The main attraction was the Drive-By Truckers. For this visit, they scheduled two nights in the nation's capitol (we were originally going to both nights, but I'm getting too old to handle back-to-back shows … that's for another blog). These guys put on an awesome, awesome show! Lots of energy, lots of Jack Daniels, lots of down-home, heart-thumping rock 'n' roll! Lead singer, Patterson Hood, started the set with a slowed-down version of Puttin' People on the Moon, AWESOME! The setlist covered the span of their now seven albums (do we still call them albums?) including this year's Brighter Than Creation's Dark. My personal favorites were The Living Bubba, the eerie You and Your Crystal Meth, and Let There Be Rock. The evening ending cover of People Who Died with the Dexateens brought back on stage was pretty amazing too.

Full setlist (with big help from the Rockist Society): Puttin' People on the Moon / Where The Devil Don't Stay / The Righteous Path / One of These Days / The Company I Keep / Play It All Night Long (W. Zevon cover) / Gravity's Gone / The Living Bubba / Checkout Time in Vegas / You and Your Crystal Meth / Goode's Field Road / A Ghost to Most / I'm Sorry Huston / Sink Hole / Dead, Drunk, and Naked / Guitar Man Upstairs / Lookout Mountain / ENCORE / 3 Dimes Down / Zip City / Let There Be Rock / A World of Hurt / Buttholeville > State Trooper (B. Springsteen cover) > Buttholeville* / People Who Died (J. Carroll cover)*

* with the Dexateens

And I can't die now cuz I got another show to do ...