Wednesday, April 16, 2003

the Music, the Vines (04.15.03)

the Band: the Music, the Vines
the Date: Tuesday April 15, 2003
the Venue: 9:30 Club (DC)

(Photo credit to someone on the internet)

The Music (that’s the name of the band) was the opening act. They were cool. I missed part of their set but I picked up one of their CDs at the merch table.

The Vines were the main attraction. They are an Australian alt-rock band consisting of Craig Nicholls (vocals, guitar), Patrick Matthews (vocals, bass), Ryan Griffiths (guitar), and Hamish Rosser (drums). They were obviously supporting their debut album, Highly Evolved. The set was fun and I danced around a bit. I especially liked Get Free, Outtathaway! and the band’s take on Ms. Jackson, a hallmark of rap duo Outkast.

I’m sorry, Ms. Jackson, I am for real . . .

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